Timetunnel Media is an independent company which focuses on producing high-quality audio, film and animated productions.

Benji Clifford

Founder - Actor, Writer, Music Composer & Sound Designer


Benji founded Timetunnel Media in 2004, after taking a keen interest in audio drama. The production company soon expanded and within a year began to produce short films. When Benji isn't filming or in the recording studio, he leads workshops for young people (12-19) around Sussex teaching how to produce music; play in groups, and build confidence by doing so. Benji is a keen television historian. In 2013, Benji became a founding member of 'The Star Tugs Trust' - a small group of individuals who had purchased the original television props from popular 1989 ITV series 'TUGS' - their aim is to restore and exhibition these rare items for future audiences to enjoy.


Christopher Thomson

Vice-President - Actor, Writer, Editor & Director


Since 2004, Christopher has acted, wrote and performed in many comedy sketches, short films & dramas for his own production companies before joining Timetunnel Media with close-friend and founder, Benji Clifford. Aside from his writing and directing contributions, Christopher is also a talented impressionist. With a sponge-like ability, Christopher can mimic anyone from celebrity figures to a common accent - with fine accuracy. Christopher is popular for his performance as Patrick Troughton's iconic Second Doctor from BBC's 'Doctor Who' in Timetunnel Media's Missing Adventures series - which has been met with positive reviews.



Daniel Sherratt

Actor, Editor, Graphic Designer & Animator


Daniel is the newest addition to the Timetunnel Media team. Since 2009, he has made various mini series and is now part of the revamped FiveWhoFans - a popular Doctor Who online review show. Daniel joined Timetunnel Media in early 2014 and has played a big part in the rebranding of the company. Daniel has been working closely with Christopher Thomson on the release of Doctor Who: The Ultimate Conflict before it's incorporation into Timetunnel Media. Since working in the team, Daniel had also created some of the title sequences for projects and animated/co-produced the series Trev with Benji Clifford.




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